When menstruation is no longer a taboo


What is it like to get home full of blood, have terrible pain, not having tampons at hand, soiling your knickers, which inevitably then get thrown out? Inês Monteiro took the menstruation taboo and picked up her camera to create 'The Photo Essay about Period', which is a photographic essay about all the phases of a woman's period - and also endometriosis. 'After all this [and all this is pain, discomfort and uncleanliness] woman can also have serious health problems if not duly seen to by a doctor. Many think that pain at this time of the month is totally normal', Inês Monteiro, who had already left a project at P3 about inequality, '(DES)igual' , explains that this time she was inspired by a photograph by writer Rupi Kaur (the image of a woman lying on a bed bleeding that went viral), which Instagram deleted twice before finally accepting it. 'I wanted to emphasise an illness which is almost unheard of, endometriosis, which affects 1 in 10 women and recently affected a friend of mine', Inês added, the girl who appears in the photos. 'It is an autobiographical piece and shows the harsh reality that is still taboo in today's society and shouldn't be, as it is one of the most natural things in humans. 

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