The Paiva Gangways seen from above


Since their opening to the public, in June 2015, the Paiva gangways have made the news several times. Last summer these 2000 square metres of wood took thousands of people to the beds of the Paiva River, leading to nooks and crannies never seen before in such detail. The 8.7 kilometres of gangways hit a record of 10000 people in just one day, in search of this protected wilderness and the much desired photograph. There were considerable changes to the tourism in the area, the creation of business (and others that reemerged), and complaints from the environmentalists. However, in September, a fire destroyed 600 metres of the route and , even worse, consumed almost 500 hectares of the Arouca forest. This was time to rethink the route, which when it was closed was receiving on average 7000 visitors per day. The wait to be able to tread these gangways and admire the views again lasted until last February, but there were changes. The access is now limited to 3500 people per day, and each person has to pay 1 euro and book online Passadiços do Paiva beforehand and show the reservation ticket to the staff at each of the entrance checkpoints along the way. A PUBLICO photojournalist, Nelson Garrido, photographed, with the use of a drone, the winding gangways, the green of the forest and the Paiva River waters. Portuguese version.