Temir is Syria’s youngest war photographer


Turkish Furkan Temir is now 21 years old, but it was at the age of 19 that he decided to bark in an adventure that changed his perception of the world forever. It was in October 2014 that Furkan set out, secretly and voluntarily, in direction of the Turkish border with Syria. Turkish soldiers, with the aide of allied North-American forces, were forcing out ISIS from the Syrian city of Kobani whilst an avalanche of refugees invaded Turkey. ‘Whe I got the border and saw what was happening, I felt this huge responsibility’. Temir told P3 via an email interview. With a sleeping bag and a photographic camera, Temir photographed the situation at the border for 12 hours per day. Initially, he wanted to tell a story about the refugees, but his contact with these people made him change his mind. In November, ISIS gained ground and the fighting was very near the border, where Temir, accompanied by hundreds of other civilians, had the opportunity to witness. He admitted, to the NYTime’s Lens Blog, that it was one of the strangest moments in his life, that of watching a war live in front of your very eyes. It was only in April 2015 that Furkan Temir dared to cross the border and settle in Kobani. ISIS were retreating, but the city was now a pile of debris which hid corpses and undetonated bombs. ‘I am a witness of war from a very young age’, he told P3. However, the memories that he has of Kobani, ‘are like bullets’, ‘much more dramatic that bombs’, he describes. War doesn’t scare him. ‘Turkey, is in effect for most a middle eastern country. There has been civil unrest between the Turks and the Curds for 30 years and Syria and Iraq are a short distance by coach.’Furkan considers himself a story-teller, a photojournalist. ‘I have seen wars since I was small and I always knew that one day I would try to change something.’ His photographs are his contribution. Portuguese VersionAna Marques Maia