A totally deserted country with 1.4 billion people


Imagining the country with the highest population in the world with a living soul can be quite a challenge. However, Bence Bakonyi, a Hungarian photographer, went beyond the imaginary and captured photographic images, and without resorting to Photoshop, in a China where a disconcerting human absence reigns: roads without traffic, apparently empty buildings, monuments devoid of people which contrast with what to expect in a country where 1.4 billion people reside. ‘Segue’ is a photographic series which results from an artistic residency developed east of Budapest, the city where he was born. In the description on the project one can read,  ‘Without any support or the ability to communicate in Mandarin it was difficult to establish communication with the inhabitants. For that reason, I abstained from photographing human beings and focused my attention on the surrounding environment.’ Portuguese Version.
Ana Marques Maia