The people who live and breathe Star Wars


This is an ‘incredible’ community in the words of James Burns, 44 years of age, one of the many Star Wars collectors spread throughout the galaxy. It is a ‘way of life’ according to 46 year old Richard Mitchell who paid around a thousand euros for a Princess Leia. Dave Oldbury, 47, has the Star Wars characters tattooed on his body, as does Matt Warner, 42 (Stars Wars is the same as my favourite music or car’). Matt Booker, 38, has collected over 8000 Boba Fett related objects. The son of Japanese Ikemasa, who is 37 years old, calls Darth Vader ‘father’ when he sees him on television, a character that he has gotten used to seeing at home.  This is a small part of the Star Wars universe photographed by Reuters.