Bodies camouflaged into world sites


Trina Merry has always been linked to the arts, namely painting, but her first contact with ‘body painting’ specifically was born when she met Amanda Palmer, The Dresden Dolls vocalist. ‘During our meeting she challenged me to step outside of my comfort zone and I haven’t stopped doing that ever since. That meeting greatly influenced my life’s trajectory,’ Trina stated. Why did Trina become interested in body painting? ‘Painting on a body is a very distinctive human experience: you create a special relationship with the other person that with other painting methods is very difficult. With this type of work you have to take into account pulse, breathing – it is alive and dynamic. The ephemeral nature of ‘body painting’ reflects the reality of existence’. The artist has a waiting list of people who want their body painted. She prefers to paint bodies that are muscular and athletic, but says that she uses ‘all types of bodies’. ‘My work has radically changed my view of the human body. I used to be ashamed of my body and thought of nudity as somewhat shameful, because of its association with sexuality. I no longer see the human body that way. Now, when I look at a body I see light, shadows, lines, curves, colours, tones, textures and infinite possibilities’. The criteria for choosing the locations where she photographs are places of curiosity, historical or political importance.