Combatting Pole Dancing Stereotypes with Photography


Bart Erkamp used to see pole dancing in the same way as it is seen by most people: as a form of entertainment used in shady strip clubs. But that was before meeting his current girlfriend, a pole dancer, and understanding that this dance could be a real sport. Once the bias was overcome, the German photographer started to see the dedication of many of these dancers, who even had their own poles at home to practice – and this is how the photographic series began, which contradicts the stereotype image of this practice, which is called ‘Pole fitness and Home’. ‘In Holland many places to practice pole dancing have existed since 2005. There are even special classes for children, whereby they get strength and coordination training whilst having fun. There is also an increase in the number of men pole dancing’,write the photographer on the project’s page. Now there is one more wish to be fulfilled: If it gets to the International Pole Sports Federation, pole dancing will become an Olympic event in the future.’

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