The encounter between Murakami and the illusionist Noma Bar


We are not announcing a new launching by Haruki Murakami, but still these re-editions are unmissable. You just have to look at them. The British publisher Vintage Books launched, this month, a re-edition of the works of the Japanese writer with the covers being left to Noma Bar, a graphic designer, born in Israel, living in London and highly renowned around the world (he is represented by Dutch Uncle , and has illustrated magazine covers such as Time Out London, Wallpaper and The Economist and has also been on P3 in connection with his two books: ‘Negative Space’ and ‘Guess Who?’) On the covers, the illustrator-illusionist continues to play with what he calls ‘negative space’, with sober lines, playing with shapes, second senses. In accordance with the publisher, the new design has a circle as the ‘central motive’, using only three colour tones, which creates a ‘strong and consistent identity’. On the other hand, it also matches Murakami’s own style, where one never knows ‘what is real and what isn’t’. AR Portuguese version

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